To Hang

Hanging Hammock Chairs can be hung on a branch or beam using the rope supplied, or attached to a hook (not supplied). If purchasing a hook make sure it has a minimum diameter of 8mm, and is screwed fully into the support with no thread showing.

We recommend the chairs be hung so that the ring is 2 metres from the ground. Ideally when sitting in the chair your hips should be slightly lower than your knees when your feet are flat on the floor, otherwise you will have pressure on the back of your legs.  The longer the length of rope above the ring, the greater the amount of swing you can achieve.


Ensure the ropes above the large cross dowel are sitting flat and parallel (not twisted), and the canvas is pushed down to the knots which lie in it’s hems.

Attach the footrest by hooking onto the rope just above the large cross dowel.

Attach the pillow by tying to the rope, just above the canvas.

The drinkholder sits on the lower end of one of the side dowels


The timber is untreated Spotted Gum (Australian Hardwood) , so we suggest Oil the timber with linseed oil occasionally, or you may wish to apply a varnish or stain.

The canvas should be kept clean by dry brushing or hosing. Any food or dirt will affect the teflon coating (weatherproofing) so keeping it clean will help its longevity. You can sponge wash with a mild detergent, but avoid harsh scrubbing as this will also damage the weatherproof coating. If stained, a dilute solution of bleach can be used